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Tjänsten Mitt Kursbibliotek stängs den 28 februari. Den kommer att vara tillgänglig för visning fram till den 8 maj, men inga ändringar kan göras efter den 28 februari. För frågor, kontakta Åsa Forsberg,

Lunds universitets bibliotek har en ny tjänst för att presentera informationsresurser, LibGuides

My Course Library will close down the 28th February. It will be accessible for reading until the 8th May, but it will not be possible to do any changes. For questions, please contact Åsa Forsberg,

Lund University Libraries have a new tool to present information resources, LibGuides

My Course Library is a simple solution for giving students access to course related library and information resources. Teachers and librarians by using My Course Library can present structured and commented information to their students, in a simple and effective manner.

Would you like to use My Course Library? Contact your faculty or department library.

Through My Course Library students at Lund University are offered tailor-made quality controlled information resources relevant to their particular studies.

Does your course have an electronic course library? Contact your library!